Yellow Ribbon and America’s Plan Against Pres. Duterte Uncovered?

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Leila De Lima is now being called out for being the “puppet” of the Yellow Administration and American Government to take down current president Rodrigo Duterte. But it seems that their plan has been discovered?

A Youtuber recently posted a video that can threaten even his own life.

A video containing about the so called “plans” against President Rodrigo Duterte. He describes the on going controversies against the president as a backup tactic of the American Government and the Yellow Administration to bring back the reign of the Philippines at their own hands.

He describes De Lima as one of the best assets they have in uncovering the truth but it seems like De Lima has been to focused on the money and power.

He also states that De Lima will be the “Ninoy Aquino” of this story, thus being killed and placing the blame against the current president.

Video Source: Philippines Government Youtube

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