Jose Manalo and Juvie Kissing Scene

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Manila, Philippines, Classic Juan for all, All for Juan in Barangay Buting, Pasig City.

The lucky winner is a grandmother who is separated from his husband for thirty seven years and has four daughters whom she brought up on her own,  Paolo Ballesteros jokingly commented “Ohh, that’s why you’re holding my hands that tight”.

Meanwhile, Jose Manalo is holding someone’s hands too, it’s the granddaughter of the winner.  He says “This poor girl has no father” while holding her hands.  Jose Manalo interviews the girl.

Jose:  What is your name?
Girl:  Juvie
Jose:  Oh, Juvie, our name starts with the letter “J”
Jose:  How old are you?
Juvie:  Twenty four
Jose:  Really twenty four, do you have a boyfriend?
Juvie:  No, I don’t have
Jose:  Do have crush on me?
Juvie:  Can I have a kiss?
Jose:  Ok, but only on the cheeks
Juvie:  I will do the kissing?
Jose:  I’m an Actor, that’s why you will do the kissing

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