Maine Mendoza’s second jingle for an endorsement is a total hit!

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555 Sardines is rusted by many Filipinos for more than 30 years now, 555 stands for value laden benefits namely Sarap and Sulit. 555 is committed to provide budget conscious consumers with high quality but affordable products, thus a constantly satisfying experience with every 555 Sardines, 555 Tuna, 555 Carne Norte, 555 Meat Loaf, and 555 Beef Loaf.

555 Sardines is the “Super Ulam Pinoy” because it is rich in calcium for stronger bones, protein for muscle building, lycopene for cancer prevention, iodine and vitamin D.

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza remains the endorser of the sardines . Thank you so much 555 sardines for trusting once again the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines and the Philippines princess of Philippine Movies.

For the second time Maine sing her jingle in a commercial , the first one is in Rejoice which is one of her endorsement also and now she sing 555 sardines jingle.

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