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Kawatan sa isang Jeepney agad umaatras dahil sa kanyang nakita sa Babae niyang Katabi

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While you are riding inside a jeepney there are a lot of things that are happened as you noticed. Some of the people were sitting while on the ride, some were having a noisy group conversation with their friends, some are just busy talking or texting on their cellphones, and some were just busy listening to the music on their cellphones. But also, when you are inside the jeep, you also have encountered a pickpocket or thief.

A video clip of a guy wherein he caught doing something to the girl sitting next to him. In the said video, it showed that the guy’s hand trying to reach something from the girl on his left and the bag who is in his lap serves to be a cover on what his hands are doing.

But, the thief suddenly stopping on what he is doing on the girl after he saw the cleavage exposed by the girl’s next to him’s low-cut blouse. They guy forget what he’s doing and he just kept looking on the exposed cleavage of the girl beside him.

What can you say about this hilarious incident? Do you believe that the girl saves the other woman from a thief? Kindly share and give your reactions and comments to us.

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